Gilmore Girls

This show is an oldie but a goodie. I stumbled across this show when I was bored and immediately got hooked. I love Lorelai’s coffee addiction, and how relatable her relationship with her parents is. But the best part of this show is Lorelai and Luke’s relationship, which starts off as friends and gets pretty […]


This is not a movie, but one of our favorite shows that we have watched on Netflix. The Gallagher family has all sorts of shameless drama which makes this show addicting. Fiona is the older sibling who keeps the family together, but without her brothers and sister’s help the family would be torn apart. Frank […]

Finding Dory

Recently added to Netflix!! I saw this movie with Luke first, and it was pretty good. But when I saw it with my parents I actually cried, it is such a heartfelt movie and hey who doesn’t love shells! Baby dory is too cute, and this sequel to Finding Nemo is a must see. This […]


           After watching this film it may make you feel uneasy about taking an airplane ride, especially if it’s your first time flying. Tom Hanks shines in the main role, practically making the movie worth seeing. The movie focuses on the courtroom for the majority of the film, so it did […]

Why Him

This movie is a really good choice if you’re in the mood for some good laughs. James Franco is a master when it comes to making your gut hurt! He is the worst nightmare for his girlfriend’s father from his dirty mouth to his p.d.a. This movie was extremely fun for the both of us […]

Split Review (2017)

James McAvoy does well in his role, and this movie has it’s shocking moments… but the plot development has a lot to ask for. McAvoy plays his multiple roles exceptionally well, but the movie is pretty far-fetched. The plot relies on the fact that people who have multiple personality disorder have the capability of tapping […]

Star Wars Rogue One Review (Must See)

Luke and I saw this movie around Christmas time, and as avid Star Wars fans for our whole lives, I would say that this movie was downright amazing. When I saw The Force Awakens in 2015, I was disappointed because I didn’t think that that movie lived up to my Star War expectations… But Rogue […]