Pennywise – The Scariest Clown Alive

Do you want a balloon…? After watching this movie, no… never again. Especially not from Pennywise! The beginning of the movie shocked us. Compared to the old IT movie, where any fatal scenes would be left to your imagination, this remake leaves it all on the screen. In the infamous trailer scene where Georgie is […]

Alien: Covenant

The colony of space travelers changes their plans to traverse an unknown planet that decreases their space travel time by many years. And… this planet just happens to come out of the blue to be practically perfect for human life, too goo to be true, right? Right. On this planet they meet David, an android […]

Get Out

Chris visits his girlfriend’s supposedly liberal parents only to realize that the situation he is in is deadly and her family is extremely racist. There are many jump scenes that actually scared us, and weird but thought provoking hypnosis scenes. The actual bad guy in this movie will surprise you, and the ending was the […]