Chips Movie Review

Chips Movie Review That Will Make You Love Cops!

Chips Movie Review Two very different men join the California Highway Patrol, and as partners they don’t work very well together. Jon Baker, played by Dax Shepard, is the rookie of the two and seems to be better at police work than his partner. His chronic pain leads to some funny scenes, and as the […]

baby driver movie review

Baby Driver Movie Review

Baby’s driving skills were very impressive, and because of a car felony he is sucked into a life of crime to repay a debt. Baby only cruises with one of his many iPods blasting tunes, and he can get his accomplices out of any jam. Baby’s back story explains his strange behavior, and how he […]

Kong Skull Island

This monster movie grabbed us from the start. John Goodman and John C. Reilly made the journey into a never explored monster infested world hilarious, scary, and jaw dropping. Kong seems to be an aggressor at the beginning, but soon the explorers realized that he is king on the island and must protect them from […]


This is not a movie, but one of our favorite shows that we have watched on Netflix. The Gallagher family has all sorts of shameless drama which makes this show addicting. Fiona is the older sibling who keeps the family together, but without her brothers and sister’s help the family would be torn apart. Frank […]

Why Him

This movie is a really good choice if you’re in the mood for some good laughs. James Franco is a master when it comes to making your gut hurt! He is the worst nightmare for his girlfriend’s father from his dirty mouth to his p.d.a. This movie was extremely fun for the both of us […]