baby driver movie review

Baby Driver Movie Review

Baby’s driving skills were very impressive, and because of a car felony he is sucked into a life of crime to repay a debt. Baby only cruises with one of his many iPods blasting tunes, and he can get his accomplices out of any jam. Baby’s back story explains his strange behavior, and how he […]

Split Review (2017)

James McAvoy does well in his role, and this movie has it’s shocking moments… but the plot development has a lot to ask for. McAvoy plays his multiple roles exceptionally well, but the movie is pretty far-fetched. The plot relies on the fact that people who have multiple personality disorder have the capability of tapping […]

Star Wars Rogue One Review (Must See)

Luke and I saw this movie around Christmas time, and as avid Star Wars fans for our whole lives, I would say that this movie was downright amazing. When I saw The Force Awakens in 2015, I was disappointed because I didn’t think that that movie lived up to my Star War expectations… But Rogue […]