Pennywise – The Scariest Clown Alive

Do you want a balloon…? After watching this movie, no… never again. Especially not from Pennywise!


The beginning of the movie shocked us. Compared to the old IT movie, where any fatal scenes would be left to your imagination, this remake leaves it all on the screen. In the infamous trailer scene where Georgie is chasing his boat in the rain, the scene does not end when Pennywise entices him. In this version, Pennywise bites his arm clean off, and poor little Georgie is crawling away with one arm before pennywise pulls Georgie into the gutter. Luke and I looked at each other with our jaws dropped, and we knew this movie would be a true horror movie!


The gang of kids come together because, in all their own unique ways, they are outcasts. Each kid has his or her own unique personalities, and their character development is flawless. The mystery of all the missing kids in the town is revealed when Ben researches into the town, and when each friend has their own visit from Pennywise. Ben finds that Pennywise feeds off children’s fear and feasts on the town’s children every two decades or so. The premise that Pennywise would scare people based on their individual fears was very interesting and made me wonder how Pennywise would prey upon me.

This movie is a must see for any scary movie lovers! Next time you see a clown make sure it is not Pennywise.

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