Chips Movie Review

Chips Movie Review That Will Make You Love Cops!

Chips Movie Review

Two very different men join the California Highway Patrol, and as partners they don’t work very well together. Jon Baker, played by Dax Shepard, is the rookie of the two and seems to be better at police work than his partner. His chronic pain leads to some funny scenes, and as the “dumber” of the two cops, Shepard plays a good role. But he is focused on fixing his marriage, which ironically is to his actual wife in real life, Kristen Bell. Baker’s partner Frank Poncherello, played by Michael Peña, is an undercover FBI agent and although he is the more experienced cop he does make some pretty hilarious mistakes. Overall this is a good movie when you’re in the mood for a good laugh, but don’t expect too much from the plot, which was very typical of this type of Cop Comedy movie.

Our Chips Movie Review Score:

Luke- 8/10 “I thought it was pretty funny”

Nicky- 5/10

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