Alien: Covenant

The colony of space travelers changes their plans to traverse an unknown planet that decreases their space travel time by many years. And… this planet just happens to come out of the blue to be practically perfect for human life, too goo to be true, right? Right. On this planet they meet David, an android who has created his own life forms. These life forms can either infect human beings to birth new aliens, or just slaughter them right on the spot. The crew fights desperately to leave the planet with their colony safe, because a space ship full of humans could easily be turned into aliens. The idea of “creating” is what drives David to create the aliens, since he is an android and humans created him to serve. No spoiler for the ending, but let’s just say it’s thought provoking and hopefully there is a sequel. It is a good idea to watch Prometheus prior to Alien Covenant.


Luke- 9/10

Nicky- 6/10

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